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Thursday, April 01, 2010


The absolute maximum of the American obsession with good parenting as being the only possible conclusion to a movie came in Lost In Space, the movie that thankfully didn't spawn a franchise.
The Robinsons are headed off into space: success is important - we're told that without it
The recycling technologies have failed. In less than two decades Earth will be unable to support human life.

However, within the family structure
JOHN (Robinson)
I'm sorry about dinner. I had to work
late. The new pilot-.

What you had to do was prioritize
your family over the mission.

Yes, nothing like having a happy family giving each other high fives in a postapocalyptic wasteland that's all your fault. Sometimes they exchange parts -
What was I thinking, bringing us all
out here into space?

The world needed saving. You were the
right man for the job.

But solving the world's problems
doesn't leave much time for the
people you love, does it?

And it applies to his son, too:
I will return home, to the very day
you took us on this cursed mission.
I'll stop us from taking off. I'll
do what you never could. I'll save
the family. I'll save us all.

Why are Americans such whiners?


Adelaide Dupont said...

One of my favourite parts in LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI (Melina Marchetta) was the one which mentioned LOST IN SPACE and made a pretty good parody of it.

Specifically, Josie was always wanting to go on holidays when she was younger. Especially the ones that Will Robinson had.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Why indeed?

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