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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last week my Time Machine backup device failed. I went and got a new Time Machine, not bothering to get the old one copied over because, after all, none of the computers it's backing up have gone down.
However, Rose points out that the old TM may still be under warranty, if we could just find the documentation, so I don't unpack the new TM and take the very small risk of carrying on.
Last night my iMac goes down. I now have a choice between
*Getting the old machine repaired at a cost of about 50% of its value
*Getting the data off either the TM or the IM at considerable cost and buying a new Mac at a particularly bad time in the cycle
*Getting the data off either the TM or the IM and using one of the other three house computers while waiting for the new iMac release

Decisions, decisions.

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