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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blogging Lovaas, 8

We are also indebted to the large numbers of students who have joined in the search for solutions... at any one time over the past 40 years between 30 and 50 students... have been enrolled in practicum classes lasting 6 to 12 months.... Between 10 and 20 graduate students as well as full-time staff members have stayed on the project for several years... Through such dedication and with support from the NIMH a network of some 14 clinical sites has been established over this country and abroad... How could one fail to make progress under such conditions?
P. xv

Well, I could describe some ways. Before we get on to that, however, let's just note that
(a) the program is 40 years old
(b) an average of 40 students have been working on it at any one time
(c) there have been an average of (say) six centres at any one time -
so, very roughly, order of magnitude figures,
* 1600 student-years
* 140 centre-years
More on this later.

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