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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Truth or Dare

Two medals I bid on unsuccessfully, representing the very American bombast-takedown combination. 
First, a patriotic token from 1837 or 1857, with the inscription
"Millions for defence - not one cent for tribute"

against an obverse of Liberty,

And second, a realistic reappraisal dated 1863;

"Millions for contractors -

Not one cent for the widows".

Copperhead copper, anti-Lincoln pro-slavery propaganda, but so good. And so currently applicable.

The Millions for Defence quote is linked by Wikipedia to a report on a diplomatic brouhaha between France and America caused, or at least protracted, by Talleyrand's demands for bribes.  Interesting.  But the slogan obviously lived on. In a time when a million dollars meant something.

Friday, August 09, 2013


From the Flat Earth Wiki:


Gravity is a fundamental force in Round Earth Theory and is the theoretical attraction between physical objects with mass, the force being proportional to their given mass. Many Flat Earth models omit Gravity entirely.

You can see how that would simplify things in one way, but it does surely make it more complicated in others.  Particularly when read together with


The sun, moon, and stars are all rotating around a central point over the North Pole. The underlying cause for this rotation is a vast cornucopia of stellar systems orbiting around its center of attraction - an imaginary point of shared attraction. This is an extrapolated and more complex binary star movement. Think of a binary (two) star system which moves around an invisible common barycenter. Now add a third body which shares that common center of attraction. Now a fourth. When we add enough bodies the system looks like a swirling multiple system.
Each star in a cluster is attracted to one another through gravitational vectors.....

And then there's


The Antimoon is a moon of nearly identical size to the normal moon. It is theorized that the Antimoon passes between the Earth and the Moon to account for the waxing and waning effects of the moon. The Antimoon is very dark and undetectable by any means except when it passes in front of the moon.
At which point, I have to say, I'm getting a suspicion that this fellow is having a lend of me....

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