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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


OK, Rudd having ditched the last vestige of concern about global warming I no longer have any belief that the Labor party can qualify as the lesser of two evils. I'm off to the Greens, with the LibDem surge in the UK giving me some hope that third parties won't after all be doomed to utter futility for eternity. Pity the Australian Democrats didn't last just that little bit longer.


Hammy said...


John said...

Which Federal Electorate are you in? I take it your disillusionment doesn't go down to State level.

John said...

Listening to Clegg I think a third party can be condemned to utter futility while still winning or doing well in an election. His approach comes across to me as some punchy fresh lines, but with little indication of just what his umderlying philosophy is. Mind you, Cameron isn't too far wide of that either. I can see why the LibDems will attract votes although I suspect not turning up will be the real winner.

Chris Samuel said...

I've come to the same conclusion over Labour, just can't bring myself to vote for them now (not that I could ever vote for the opposition, even if their leader is honest about his lies)..

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