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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Something I happened across the other day…..

The animals in father’s life would fill a zoo (or circus)
To itemise them, every one, could tend to overwork us.

Internally he stores away (you’ll meet them if he sneezes)
Bacilli from a fine array of tropical diseases.

He has no truck with sentimental fondnesses for vermins,
Like pussycats or kangaroos or (for a few years) Germans.

Useful beasts, conversely, he wholeheartedly endorses;
Things you eat, and things you shear, and things you pet, and horses -

Some to ride and some to groom and some to go in fear of:
Gymkhana ponies, army remounts, one that bit his ear off, 

Not to mention polo ponies winning cups and ribbons,
Along with poodles, pigeons, peacocks, terriers, and gibbons.

And of this great menagerie of pets that came and went
His many children were of all the least obedient.

Monday, February 24, 2014

From comments at Club Troppo

and a discussion of changing Canberra departmental names...
And there is the issue of acronymity; which when discussing it with Barry Jones some years ago elicited from him the line”Yes, that’s why we never gave an Institute of Technology to Swan Hill.”

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