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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown

We are drawing up a draft code to cover governance in the Australian nfp sector. Largely nicked from overseas models, of course. I began by producing a relatively barebones version - two pages, twenty items.
Then it went to the boss.... so far 45 items and five pages, and this morning the boss said "Wouldn't it be easier if instead of me commenting on drafts and you going off and revising it you just sent me over the document in Word and I could make my own changes..."
I feel like Jake handing the daughter/granddaughter over to Noah Cross at the end of Chinatown.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The fall

Bugger and blast. I was celebrating so hard at Howard's defeat that I've lost the memory of the last few hours, including the concession speech.

Howard's legacy is being reassessed downward with considerable alacrity, but it still hasn't met my evaluation; which is that he was small, mean, and vindictive, with a philosophy that went no further than striking out at everybody who'd been critical of him when he was down - universities, unions, the ABC, aborigines, foreigners. He did his best to damage things like Australian universities, the Australian environment, and Australian movies because he hated the people who advocated for them.

He was fairly successful over a number of years because Australia is also as a nation mean and vindictive. I don't think you could say he ever deceived us, except where we went out of our way to be deceived. He never pretended to be remotely nice.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great-Grandfather Walter; contact

Jill has left a new comment on your post "Great-grandfather Walter": my first comment ever, I think. How exciting!

"I was very excited to find this as Walter Sage was my great-grandfather too! My grandfather was his son Arthur. Which of the sisters was your grandmother - Eve, Helen or Jean?
I have fairly recently become bitten by the family history bug so you can probably imagine my delight at seeing your photos.
Would love to make contact but not sure how to do this."

Granny was an Eve; Helen and Jean were the greataunts.

If you get back on this blog, Jill, give us a mail at
chrisb (at) (no spaces).
We'll swap geneologies, among other things.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tax policy

I must admit I have a sneaking fondness for the tax scheme employed by the duke in Norman Douglas' novel South Wind. You gave the state as much of your income (and capital) as you thought was fair. It was entirely up to you; nobody would try to influence your decision in the slightest. Total libertarianism.

And if the duke didn't think it was enough, he'd cut your hand off.

It strikes a balance, I think.

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