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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Case of the Red-Headed Dwarfs, part 16

Cocklecarrot: The time has, I think, come for you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to consider this case on its merits.
Foreman of Jury: And what, sir, would you say were its merits?
Cocklecarrot: What would you?
Foreman: We have not so far understood one word of the proceedings.
Cocklecarrot: I must say there have been moments when I myself seemed to have lost touch with the real world. Nevertheless, certain facts stand out.
Foreman: For instance?
Cocklecarrot: I will not be crossexamined by my own jury. You are here to deliver a verdict, not to question me. You have heard the evidence.
Foreman: Was that the evidence? All that horseplay?
Cocklecarrot: If this continues I shall discharge the jury, and the case will be heard all over again with a new jury. Stop those dwarfs singing! This is not a music hall.

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