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Monday, September 23, 2019

Age Binnacle

Craig Butt quotes the AIHW as saying that ‘…provided current living standards are maintained, a baby girl born this year will likely live to see the dawn of the 22nd century.” Yes, but that’s very much a minimum figure, based on life expectancy not improving at all. If the ramrod-straight 1918-2017 trend line continues - and I realise that this isn’t guaranteed - then we’ll have gained another 16 years in life expectancy by then, and that would mean that any child born after 2005 would have a good chance of living to the 22nd century. 
That means, for example, that Greta Thunberg will probably be alive fifty years after Scott Morrison is dead. That’s why she's striking over climate change. Children have to take the long view.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Leave in type

“My dear Professor Kingsley, I fear you underestimate us. You may rest assured that when we make our plans we shall prepare for the very worst that can possibly overtake us.”
Kingsley leaped.
“Then I fear you will be preparing for a situation in which every man, woman, and child will meet their death, in which not an animal, nor any plant will remain alive. May I ask just what form such a policy will take?”
Fred Hoyle, The Black Cloud

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