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Monday, March 15, 2010


Posted at Larvatus Prodeo:
I think I can distinguish my antizionism from antisemitism by my enthusiasm for accepting up to three million ex-Israelis as preferred immigrants to Australia when the inevitable collapse comes. Talk about a two-state solution surely ignores the reality that for that to come about at least one of the party principals has to want it; and -- given that the amorphous lump of 'people of good will' doesn't have an army, a political party, or a strategy, and thus doesn't qualify as a party principal - none of them do. We're talking Crusader Kingdoms here, people: able to hang on on the coast while the arabs are disorganised, driven out whenever a moment comes when the arabs get their act together. Not this year, not next year, but who's prepared to make a book for 2100? Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that Jews won't be in a majority by then even within the 1956 borders (and suggest that the population of the occupied territories will have topped a hundred million, which does draw attention to the limitations of these projections, but which also draws attention to the totally counterproductive Israeli strategy of keeping the territories at a level of poverty below the demographic transition line). There is no conceivable long-term winning strategy for a Jewish state, and I can't see why that fact shouldn't influence our approach to the issue here and now. I really don't see why I should have to listen to any defence of Israel that doesn't spell out at least a sketchy outline of why the speaker believes keeping a Jewish state in being is anything more than a rearguard action postponing and making more difficult an inevitable capitulation.

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