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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Case of the Red-Headed Dwarfs, part 13

Mr. Hermitage: Now, Dr. Spunton, is there, to your knowledge, any disease which would account for Mrs. Tasker's strange habits?
Dr. Spunton: There is. It is called rufo-nanitis. The spymtoms-
Mr. Hermitage: Symptoms.
Dr. Spunton: Yes, spymptoms, but I always put a 'p' before a 'y'.
Cocklecarrot: With what object, might we ask?
Dr. Spunton: I can't help it, m'lud.
Cocklecarrot: Do you say pyesterday?
Dr. Spunton: Pyes, unfortunatelpy. It's hereditarpy. Mpy familpy all do it.
Cocklecarrot: But why 'p'?
Dr. Spunton: No, py, m'Iud.
Cocklecarrot: This case is the most preposterous I ever heard. We get nowhere. The evidence is drivel, the whole thing is a travesty of justice. In two weeks we have done nothing but listen to a lot of nonsense. The case will be adjourned until we can clear things up a bit.
Dr. Spunton: But I was brought all the wapy from Pyelverton.
Cocklecarrot: Well, go pyack to Pyelverton. Goodpye, and a phappy pjournepy. Pshaw!

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