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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Alice is at it again

The Burton Alice; well, some of the pictures were nice, and Burton is not the first person, or the fiftieth, to be defeated by the lack of a plot in Wonderland.

But even so, the overplot in the real world was lamentable and the underplot in Underland was worse. What was the point of overthrowing the red queen to raise the white queen, who was portrayed as a vapid and cowardly bloodless schemer? What was needed was a synthesis, and there was Alice handy to provide one - Queen Alice, who actually does turn up in TLG. I could think of many other ways to tighten the plotting, all from Plots 101, which means that Burton deliberately chose the current version: which is hard to explain.

Current 3D glasses cut out so much light that they're useable almost only by Tim Burton, who prefers gloom anyway. I did have intimations, though, that we are going through another great revision, to an era - five years, ten? - where 2D films will be watched only by cineastes.

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