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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A little late, perhaps

Locusts have a strategy of appearing in overwhelming numbers so seldom that it isn't worth the while of any other species to produce defences against them that would have to be deployed all the time.
The WWII strategic bombing program produced its major results, it's now thought, not so much by what it actually dropped bombs on but by the diversion of German industry into AA and the diversion of the Luftwaffe to home defence.
Therefore the optimum strategy would have been for the Allied bombers to go out over Germany much more seldom than they did - once a week, perhaps once a month, randomly timed.
If there was an opportunity, they could be used at other times in an infantry support capacity (after D-day, at least), but even if they just sat at home playing cards it should have been a superior strategy; same benefits, fewer costs, and more planes when they did bomb.
Not enough evolutionary biologists in high-ranking military positions. But when is that not true?

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