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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Counselling, ptui

A friend tells me that his younger brother had just sent him a long letter. Normally a good thing, but this letter said that the brother's therapist had advised him to confront his siblings and tell them that they'd bullied him as a child, that they hadn't supported him when his father bullied him, and that they'd deserted him when their father died. Leaving the facts of the matter, whatever they are, on one side, I'm struck by
(a) the way in which those who demand that other people understand and admit how they've been damaged by the impact of the behaviour of others never seem prepared to try and understand how the people they're accusing have themselves been shaped by their own traumas; the excuses only seem to flow one way,
(b) what utter shits therapists are. How do they think that damaged and vulnerable people's social supports are going to be strengthened by driving away their wider family?

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