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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Return to Space

One irritating feature of Blogger is that in default it leaves no break between my writing and the boilerplate, and if I want to put a break in I find that I can't easily add blank lines on the end of a post because the system simply removes them. If I want to make a line break, I have to add a character - tilde, say - or the post won't recognise them. Which is an untidy solution. I don't suppose any reader knows the code for a hard return?
space, space, space, ~


JH said...

Cna't help. I use Typepad.

Hammy said...

A line break is br /
Paragraph break p
A horozontal rule hr /

All of which have angle brackets around them: '<' and '>'

hope that helps (and that this comment works which it probably won't)

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