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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hannoush writes

11 April 2009
An Easter Thought

The Toad says that spirituality is one of several things he has never been drawn to.

Easter therefore may present him with problems if, as I suspect, he is not particularly drawn to the commercialisation that accompanies the holiday - how does he answer the question popular at this time of year (and at Christmas) "Do you think the significance of Easter has been lost by commercialisation?" - at least popular on news sites as an instant poll.

How does someone who doesn't understand why spirituality might be important for some people answer this question?

I tried to comment, but it told me

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Well, you look on this sort of thing as a profanation of the holy only if you think there is something actually holy involved; that aside, the chocolate egg can be seen as the only thing that has allowed Easter to survive into the era of unbelief. If there was no commercial impulse, Easter (and Christmas,probably) would have followed Lent and Advent and Ash Wednesday and Pancake Tuesday and uncounted saints' days into the dustbin of history. And before that Saturnalia. Which could do with a comeback, I suppose. Though it'd probably become commercialised...

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