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Sunday, April 12, 2009


This does seem to be going on and on...

I should record, in the interests of fairness, that I have never been able to get my mind around the attractions of, or the compulsion to,
# spirituality
# wanting children
# suicide
# jealousy
# cars

Some very large elements of human experience are denied me, even though it does make for a quiet life.



JH said...

You're using a bit of shorthand here on cars, I think. I presume you mean you can't understand the attraction and excitement cars have for some of us, the speed, the looks, the models draped artistically over the bonnet, and so on.
But you presumably use cars to get around so their attractiveness as a means of transport must be evident to you.

Chris said...

No, it's just the attractiveness that I can't understand. Utility, yes; one is at A and wishes to be at B, point taken. But there are people who enjoy the process - who go for 'drives', deliberately, to enjoy the experience and experience the enjoyment. WTF?
Though when it comes to "the speed, the looks, the models draped artistically over the bonnet" I do have to admit that I watch Top Gear, if only for the pleasure of seeing Stephen Fry in a crash helmet. And I went to the Bugatti exhibition, and I liked the vintage Cord in the Art Deco exhibition. As artforms, yes: it's just the driving bit that I can't grok to.

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