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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Deep Insights

I am now, let me see, sixty-four or so, and should take advantage of those decades of studying public affairs to pass on the insights I have gained. One I've covered already:

1) If you wear your boots on the wrong feet on alternate days it enables you to rotate the edge of maximum wear, increasing usable heel life.

The next few aren't really unique to me, it has to be said.

2) Don't start land wars in Asia:
3) Or anywhere else, really, if it can be avoided;

and now the latest - and here I think I really am breaking entirely new ground -

4) If you wear your underpants inside out you have one layer of cloth between yourself and the seams, minimising rubbing.

New insights, in the event that they occur, will be added over the next decade.



JH said...

Are you sure you are sixty-four? I thought you were a tad younger.

Chris said...

Good point. December 1946, so... um... carry the two... sixty two. Threeish. In that broad
general area.

A seniors moment. Only to be expected at the age of seventy-three, I suppose.

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