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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smile and smile and be a villain

Actually, the comment spammers are getting slicker. Look at this one:
This might be a bit off-topic but I believe there are a lot of smokers here on I have recently decided to find a good vendor of e-cigarettes. I'm done with paying so much for tobacco smokes.A friend recommended [url=http://www.fuckyou.html]Shitbreath[/url] According to their website this is how they described their product:
"Shitbreath offers quality Electronic cigarettes with disposable cartridges that produce the highest smoke volume in the industry. With a collection of flavors and nicotine levels, Shitbreath's™ patented technology offers convenience and performance that is unmatched. Shitbreath products have been independently tested for safety."
I'm thinking of buying them. Anyone else have experience with this e-cigarette?

Really quite plausible, the bastards.
All names changed to protect the site, of course.

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