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Monday, February 08, 2010

The burdens of fame

I'm now getting an increasing dribble of spam (mainly, for some reason, in chinese, japanese, and russian; does my readership really overlap with these groups?) in the comments posts to this blog. I haven't been particularly worried, in that
(a) nobody much reads me,
(b) those that do tend to comment quickly; the comment threads have a median length of about 0.03, administered overwhelmingly on the day after (that is, I know of no instance of Blog, comment, spam, comment, as opposed to Blog, comment, spam, spam) ;
(c) I cannot believe that there are many people who come to the site, are so moved by my eloquence that they go back to read everything I've ever written here and the comments on it, and are thus irritated by the spam.

So if any of the last group do exist, tough shit.

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