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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Reading the blogs linked to the never-to-be-too-highly-praised Fafblog, I find a general unwillingness to tolerate the evasions of Obama. Throw the rascal out, seems to be the feeling.

Just to put the opposing view, here's what Charles James Fox said in his History of the Early Years of the Reign of James II:
"...where spirit was not wanting, it was accompanied by a degree and species of perversity wholly inexplicable, and which can hardly gain belief from any one, whose experience has not made him acquainted with the extreme difficulty of persuading men, who pride themselves on an extravagant love of liberty, rather to compromise on some points with those who have, in the main, the same views with themselves, than to give power (a power which will infallibly be used for their own destruction,) to an adversary of principles diametrically opposite; in other words, rather to concede something to a friend, than every thing to an enemy."

Similarly, I suppose, for Rudd, though with more reluctance.

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