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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who knew?

The problem with global conspiracy theories, in my view, is that you surely can't have a working conspiracy if nobody knows about it. The Sovereign Citizen people, for example, say that there are two legal systems, one for CAPITAL LETTER SLAVES and one for lower case real people. Fine, fine, let's accept that. But for a law to be a law, whatever other requirements there are, somebody has to know what the law is. We're told specifically that police and lawyers don't know anything about this; apparently, though, judges and magistrates do know, because if you plead in the correct form they're obliged to back down and give you the kind of law you're entitled to. OK, at what point does a magistrate get told? Do they have to have any extra training in the complications of dual systems? Are there any textbooks? If there are, why hasn't anybody ever claimed to see one?

If things were as the Sovereign Citizens maintained, there would be other discernible differences visible.

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