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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Couldn't happen to a nicer pack of bastards

I follow several conservative, not to say wingnut, American sites, which also send me sales pitches for books, etc; and also stock tips -
"Below please find a special message from one of our advertisers, Eric Dickson Editor of Breakaway Stocks on behalf of Horiyoshi Worldwide (HHWW). From time to time, we receive opportunities we believe you as a valued customer may want to know about.
If You Missed Buying True Religion (Nasdaq:TRLG) At $0.67 And Selling For $31.08 – You're About To Get A Second Chance… Only This Time Your Gains
Could Be Even Bigger!
The biggest names in Hollywood and Music are making sure they're seen wearing high-end clothing brand Horiyoshi the III! And like True Religion before it, Horiyoshi Worldwide (HHWW) shares could soar 4,538% or more before the New Year!
Fellow Investor,
Fashion industry experts are already predicting big things for Horiyoshi Worldwide's exclusive, high-end clothing line Horiyoshi the III...
And it all starts with True Religion.
You see, in 2006, unknown jean designer started taking Tinsel Town by storm, popping up on some of the biggest movie and music stars all across Hollywood...
And it didn't take long for the fashion-conscious to take notice.
The rest of the story is an investor's fairy tale come true…
True Religion exploded - and this former little 65 cent “stock that could” jumped to $24 and onto the Nasdaq, making early investors in this denim company instant Millionaires!
However, as impressive and unbelievable as this price explosion is, shares in HHWW could be even more lucrative...
Because Horiyoshi the III already has something True Religion never did – a proven track record of success! Why? Well, this isn't the first time the Japanese tattoo legend, Horiyoshi Nakano's designs have hit Western shores…
Just last year, Japanese tattooing legend, Horiyoshi's artwork was used in a very exclusive, extremely successful and multi-Million-dollar-making t-shirt line for gigantic apparel company Affliction.
And even though we may not know much about fashion, if there's one thing we do understand, is the nature of business, and we'll take Million dollar sales and a proven track record every time.
True Religion never had the support of a proven track record, yet TRLG still jumped 4,538%...
And it's these proven sale records that could have HHWW surpassing the jean company's meteoric-rise to stock superstardom, and if it does, that mea huge profits for investors who act now!
And while matching True Religion's success is impressive, it's what Horiyoshi Worldwide is planning to do next that has investor's around the world salivating…
I've detailed all the eye-popping details in my hot-off-the-press report on HHWW, and lets just say Horiyoshi the III is about to set the entire fashion world on fire!
Happy Investing,
Eric Dickson,
Editor, Breakaway Stocks

Looking at the charts for the stock, the structure is clear, not to say classic; Eric selects a stock that's cheap (a dollar in mid-November) and buys up big, plugs it to the Human Events suckers till they did it up to $3 (December 10), dump the stock (drops to $1.36 by Dec 13) and....
though I got this mail on Dec 28th. So they've probably done it once already.
Still, anything nasty that happens to wingnuts is fine by me.

Though they apparently also target others: at
I get these kind of emails from time to time after never signing up. Are they spam or stock pumping?

and a reply
GoldenSun said...
It is both spam and stock pumping! It isn't illegal, if they properly disclose what they are being paid, but it is a scam. This is a classic email pump and dump.
Nothing but the lowest quality of companies use such tactics to create demand for their shares. Mark down the price, and take a look in 6 months.

Do the same for the next few emails you get. After a while, you will see the obvious pattern. At that point its time to open a brokerage account at firm that will let you short sell....and then welcome to the dark side.

And looking on google I see that this particular pump 'n' dump has been running since November 30.... No, November 17... No, November 10th... so this is the second time around, or alternatively they just set up a spambot and didn't provide a shutoff date.

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