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Monday, January 10, 2011


Pharmaceutical companies have profitable future by crippling some children and adults with compromised immune system.

The basic body weapon is iodine to which not a single bacteria or virus can mutate. Iodine will kill any bacteria or virus on contact every single time.

Iodine belongs to chemical group called halogens. Most aggressive elements of this group are fluoride and next chlorine both are extremely dangerous poisons. Both fluoride and chlorine will push out iodine from human body.

Never take hot shower again because you are inhaling chlorine to your lungs and straight to your blood and pushing out (if you have any) iodine from your body.

The root canal is another sneak (to presumably save the tooth) and deadly procedure to permanently implant anaerobic bacteria that will put recipient into wheelchair and shorten his/her life. Make a research and ask any person in wheelchair (excluding those after physical injury) if he or she has at least one root canal.

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“The Chinese and other foreign troops are already here in numerous underground bases that hold up to 5,000 Soldiers under just about every major city in America.

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