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Monday, August 16, 2010

The roots of POP

OK; On the wall in Richard Hamilton's seminal "Just What Is It That Makes Today's Home So Different, So Appealing? " --

isn't that picture on the wall a Jack Kirby?
But Young Romance: is that really Kirby's thing? Nobody getting punched? No soundeffects? No cringeworthy literal names?

Let's check this.

Yes, he did:Wikipedia -
Launched with a September 1947 cover date, the Prize Comics title Young Romance signaled its distinction from traditional superhero and genre comics with a cover banner stating the series was "designed for the more adult readers of comics". Told from a first person perspective, underlining its claim to be recounting "true" stories, the title was an instant success, "bec[oming] Jack and Joe's biggest hit in years" and selling "millions of copies"[6] and a staggering 92% of its print run.[5] Crestwood increased the print run by the third issue to triple the initial numbers, and well as upgrade the title from bimonthly to monthly through issues #13-72 (Sept. 1949 - Aug. 1954)...... Despite the glut of titles, the Simon and Kirby Romance titles "continued to sell five million" a month, allowing the pair "to earn more than enough to buy their own homes".

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