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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Case of the Red-Headed Dwarfs, part 25

The second day of the hearing of the Rocking-Horse case quickly produced a sensation. Cocklecarrot asked Mr. Honey-Gander, counsel for the defendants, what the twelve red-bearded dwarfs could possibly have to do with the Broxholm Hydraulic Laundries, and how they came into the case. Mr. Honey-Gander made the sensational reply, 'M'lud, I understand that these gentlemen have a controlling interest in these laundries. In fact, they are Broxholm Hydraulic Laundries.'
Cocklecarrot: Then why do they call themselves 'Others'?
Mr. Honey-Gander: I believe, m'Iud, that there are others connected with the laundries.
Cocklecarrot: Red-bearded dwarfs, too, I will wager.
Mr. Honey-Gander: So I understand, m'Iud.
Cocklecarrot: How many?
Mr. Honey-Gander: Forty-one, m'lud.
Cocklecarrot: Merciful heavens! Call Miss Staggage.
Mr. Honey-Gander: Your name is Elvira Staggage?
Miss Staggage: No, sir. It is Amy Clowte.
Mr. Honey-Gander: But-
Miss Staggage: Elvira Staggage is my trade name.
Mr. Honey-Gander: I see. You own a rocking-horse factory?
Miss Staggage: No, sir. I act for the real owners.
Mr. Honey-Gander: And who are they?
Miss Staggage: A number of red-bearded dwarfs, sir. I see them over there.
(Sensation in court.)
Cocklecarrot: This is quite intolerable. These dwarfs are plaintiffs and defendants in the same case. The thing is without precedent. What on earth are they up to, suing themselves?
Mr. Poss (for the plaintiff): They maintain, m'Iud, that in their capacity as hydraulic launderers they have swindled themselves in their capacity as rocking-horse manufacturers.
Cocklecarrot: This is really insane. I must adjourn the case for a day or two. It is without precedent, I repeat.

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Enjoyed the case of the Red-Headed dwarves. (or red-beards as the case might be).

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