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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elephants and mice

The people who say that even if global warming is bad Australia shouldn't bother about doing anything much to prevent it because we're such a small nation that our contribution is almost irrelevant compared to that of America, China, and India have surely got it arse backwards. If the proposition is correct, and Australia's climate depends on what the big boys do, it's surely of vital and central importance that we persuade the big boys to do the right thing; and if, as would seem likely, just about our only tool in this is PR (we can't realistically bribe them, and we certainly can't threaten them) then setting a good example is positively an existential necessity. And not just a bare pass, either - if we're doing it for show, it has to be showy; we can only signal the intensity of our our belief (which is all we have to use as a lever) by going all in.

Oh well. I suppose the world will see out my lifetime.

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