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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


At The Habit of Art, a film of a UK National Theatre production, Alan Bennett play about Auden and Britten, couldn't help noticing that Auden is portrayed as falling apart in every sphere, a lumbering wreck degenerating into incoherence, at the age of approximately me. Portrayed by Richard Griffith, who does look the part after a fashion, and is also about my age. Was to have been done by Michael Gambon, ditto (well, slightly older, him).
See ourselves as others see us.
And then a telemovie The Gathering Storm about Churchill in 1934-39, looking similarly ancient at a similar age - though he is admittedly played by Albert Finney, who's 13 years older than me and has earned his wrinkles.

True, perhaps, that in previous times people got older younger, not only died sooner but aged sooner, but nonetheless.

Tick tock.

Another mark, that, of age and irrelevance; many people won't remember clocks that ticked.

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John said...

On the clock ticking, the expression may endure: have you noticed that people, even the young, say "He hung up on me" when they mean "He pushed the off button on his mobile"?

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