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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Australian medals are simply not terribly glorious.
Some are occupational, which is fine -
*Australian Police Medal
*Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM)
*Ambulance Service Medal (ASM)
*Emergency Services Medal (ESM)

but the others, given the shifts on meaning over time, are just embarrassing.
*Commendation for Gallantry

sounds as if it's given for laying down cloaks over puddles;
*Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) and
*Commendation for Distinguished Service (14KB)

sounds as if they're faintly greying around the temples, while
*Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC) (34KB)
*Conspicuous Service Cross and Bar (CSC and Bar) (10KB)

*Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM) (32KB)

sound - and this could,I suppose, simply be unexpected frankness - as if they're given to people who hang around headquarters catching the general's eye while the true heroes unobtrusively hack it out with the enemy on night patrol, unseen and unrewarded.

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