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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Star Trek

Saw the new ST; overall, an enormously expensive packaging for about two lines of dialogue explaining that the time travel involved had created an entirely new timeline so that none of the canon had now ever happened (or, rather, would ever happen) and they could start another series with a clean slate and not have to fit it in around canon.

Odd thing, though, was that Eric Bana was wiping out Federation starship fleets with what was apparently only a large mining ship - presumably because it was a mining ship from the future, and thus more advanced. But it was only 25 years more advanced than the starships, and one of the striking things about the Star Trek universe is that there seems to be very little major technological change - at least, the Enterprise in profile looks exactly the same from Kirk to Picard. They did develop the holodeck, I suppose, but that's not a fundamental change. Also shuttles, Klingon ships, and Romulan ships - all static designs.

I suppose a Romulan mining ship would be better armed than your average ore train, but even so it seems excessive.


John said...

Highly missable then?

Hammy said...

in case you missed it:

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