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Monday, May 04, 2009

Star Trek prequel

Looking at my latest copy of Time (24/2/1958; the local second-hand shop had a run, now, sadly, almost over) I note that Time's review of The Brothers Karamazov mentions that "Yul Brynner is much too mannered and wooden to be Dmitri. Richard Basehart seems uncetain of what Ivan is all about. William Shatner plays Alyosha as a sort of Sunday Schoolboy."
See, Shatner did have experience in the classics, sort of (I also remember him as the priest in The Outrage, the western remake of Rashomon that didn't turn out nearly as well as the western remake of Seven Samurai) before taking on the role. Just as qualified as Picard.

Anyway, off to the reboot shortly.

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