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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Crim Con

Following on the discussion over at Hannoush's blog on whether this
"Flashing your lights to warn oncoming drivers of a police check, speed camera and so on (seems to be international)"
is a civil practice or a criminal conspiracy, here's another data point; Time, March 10 1958, Miscellany:
PICKET In Ardmore, Okla., State trooper Paul Clark was waved down by a man at the side of the road who got himself arrested when he stuck his head in the window, warned "Hey, the highway cops are working a radar trap over the hill."

The practice was obviously at that time viewed as both rare and reprehensible.

Mind you, different times, different mores; also in that Miscellany

Man's Woman In Springfield, Ohio, Marjorie June Flax drew many admiring male glances in a packed coartroom when she dropped assault-and-battery charges against her husband, said: "It was my fault; if I'd kept my big mouth shut, it wouldn't have happened."

It was probably reading that that pushed Betty Friedan over the top.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, but was it in the evening or the morning when the March 1958 man did it?

On another note:

Today is the 30th anniversary of when Anne McDonald got out of St Nicholas. Wow. I mean, the first case when she was declared good to handle her affairs and 'no longer infirm'.

Chris said...

We're having a 30th Annieversary party tomorrow.

Chris said...

We had Anne's lawyer for the first case and the doctor who gave evidence, and some friends from that period. All very cheery. Goat cheese and spinach risotto, avocado pasta, and chicken stuffed with olives.

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