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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long national nightmare, yadda yadda

OK, he's sworn in with an address that gives cheerios to American exceptionalism and militarism (Khe Sanh? WTF?)and leaves Lincoln's second unchallenged. Still, the heat's off for another four years and I can start purging my blog list.

Apricot season over for another year, too. Most of them unpicked - too high to reach, and my climbing days have been forcibly ended since falling (a) out of that tree and (b) off that ladder. I need a telescopic pole with a picking attachment: I must look on ebay. I did enquire about pruning it down to reachable distance, but was informed that I'm twenty years too late; procrastination....

Had another try this Xmas getting the lights up. Slightly better: this time they broke just at the last letter.

I think I know what I did wrong, too. Next year it'll be perfect. Unless I get an attack on conscience and hold out for the same thing in LEDs so as to minimise global warming.


john.hannoush said...

Happy New Year. Good to see the Toad back.

Didn't stay up to watch - did he mention Khe Sanh...what was that reference? No Lincoln you say. Occurred to me that Lincoln is a risky role model in the sense that it could have all gone so easily wrong for him - the reviled figure who destroyed the USA.

You going to follow the girls on to Facebook?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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