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Friday, January 23, 2009

Can't go back to Thailand, then

Well, this is about time to express solidarity with Nicolaides and decry lese-majeste prosecutions. I was going to repeat the offending para, but it's available on Wikipedia. You can also get the entire novel at A pretty terrible novel - written in the first person and then find-and-replaced changed into the third, with a few botched edits remaining to prove it. Mind you, it appears to be a paranoid expansion of some inter-academic arguments he had over student marking, leading to a theory on how the tentacles of American intelligence had him denied promotion; what his conspiracy theories are going to be like after this hardly bears imagining. There's certainly a book in it, though - might even sell more than seven (the Wikipedia editor notes censoriously that this needs better referencing - one source apparently says ten) copies.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Solidarity. The Crown prince is a nasty piece of work and an anus-faced loser with it. The leavings on Bhumipol's plate.

Of course, at seven readers that's probably six more than this blog (five, if you count me), but I haven't gone to all the trouble of publishing.

Oh, and did you know that nobody's making pince-nez any more? You have to buy antiques and fit new lenses. Odd - you'd think there's be a tiny but solid market.


John Hannoush said...

The year of the Toad living least if he goes to Thailand.

Still I don't see why you have to express soldiarity with someone just because they are punished for saying one particular thing you agree with - doesn't solidarity require a broader base of shared views? For all you know his views might be based on premises you don't like (for example imagine a Stormfront type who criticises Israeli actions simply because he is anti-semitic).

John Hannoush said...

PS You forgot Bhuvan Chand in your census of readers.

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