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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day

Yes, Australia Day needs to be moved. Not only is it a revolting relic of imperialism, it comes at a time when we have lots of leave time already rather than in August when we really need it (there are no public holidays at all between June and October). Either Australia Day, Anzac Day, or Easter needs to be shifted to August, and all things considered Australia Day is probably the easiest. How about August 27, the discovery of gold in 1851? Or even better, August 17? That's when the dingo took Azaria. Works for me.


John Hannoush said...

I don't think "relic of imperialism" really works - wouldn't a lot of things fall under that category, including Australia itself (if you think that is a bad thing of course...)

But your more powerful argument is of course the optimal placement of public holidays. Problem is that if we don't have Australia Day there will be no "natural" marker" for when people have to really start working full steam again. Fits in with return to school, resumption of Parliament, end of summer holidays.

John Hannoush said...

OT (just picking up on "revolting"):what epithet would you choose for this little gem? You probably have seen it, since it's been zooming around the blogosphere.

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