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Sunday, January 29, 2006

1992 Xmas letter


A year who there were few to love we gladly terminate;
Half was spent in argument and half in New York State.
At home our many enemies were yapping at our heels,
Abroad we were applauded and hosannahs came in peals.
Rose struggled with the scheming of psychologists, the arses,
Then flew off to America to give a course of classes.
She met with S.J. Gould, the Berrigans and Eldridge Cleaver
And turned the ISAAC conference from skeptic to believer.
Chris worked hard on health prevention (but only in his writing;
He carried on his drinking) and found Disneyland exciting.
Cartoon channels, root beer brandy, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip,
And Syracuse’s graveyards were the highlights of the trip.
In Syracuse Anne missed her friends and told us so in mime,
In San Francisco spelt a talk a letter at a time,
Gave interviews and met with fans, had resolutions passed,
Ate icecream and threw snowballs and and flew smoothly home at last.
We ogled at the Guggenheim and marvelled at the Met,
Saw the Isabella Gardner and are talking of it yet,
To Chicago for the Monets and to Watts just for the towers,
And saw Matisse at MOMA and were there for hours and hours.
For the first time since St. Nicholas our pressing problem varies;
Not so much our old opponents as our friends off with the fairies.
Though keen and sympathetic, we have certain reservations
When boys spell telepathically about past incarnations.
The year ahead looks difficult, but ‘94 will find us
Serene and well-accepted with our troubles all behind us.
Rose will write her book and Anne will finish her degree,
And Chris will write another poem to tell of ‘93.


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