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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When will we be paid

Nature - well, older art - imitating art.  First, a fragment from an Australian novel - two characters discussing staffing a remote cattle station;
"I managed to get a bloke in Norseman - seems quite a good man."
"Only one?"
"I reckon that with good management, one white hand and the boy and the black stockman, with the black girls working around the house, are all you need to run this station efficient."
Quitters can't win, by Allen Aldous: Cheshire, 1946
to compare with the old apartheid joke -
In London, van der Merwe with another South African is watching some men repairing the road. 'Why do they need so many people to do the job?' asks the friend. `Wragtig,' says van der Merwe in agreement, 'It's amazing. Just give me six boys and I could do it by myself.'


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