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Friday, June 03, 2016

Metric madness

Lenovo and Acer are both now advertising computer size in litres.  Acer's range runs from 1 litre to 30 litres.
Lenovo's one-litre PC weighs 1.3 kg, which means that it's heavier than a litre of water. It's 179 x 182.9 x 34.5 mm, which means it's 
cubic millimetres, or 1.12 litres. Which means that a litre of computer is 1.15 times heavier than a litre of water, which considering the amount of extra space is slightly counterintuitive.

The Acer 30-litre measures 30.68 litres, so close enough for government work; but doesn't give a weight.

Still, the litre measurement does rather suggest that it it won't fit in a particular spot you can pour it into a different-shaped container and get it in that way: which isn't, surely, the situation.  Not a terribly helpful measure, I would have thought. 

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