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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Cardinal Pell appears to have placed the interests of the Church and his own advancement over the interests of the people in his care.  He’s behaved, that is, just like any executive of an enormous multinational corporation, which is, let’s face it, what he is. If I believed that the Catholic Church had any sort of a special relationship with god I might feel betrayed: but I don’t, so I can’t. The small minority of Australians who still believe can presumably rely on their god to put the boot into Pell in the next life.  The rest of us should do what we should be doing in every case of corporate abuse – stop blaming the front man and start changing the laws so that they can’t get away scot free next time.

1 comment:

Paul Morgan said...

Hi Chris
Great contribution which I thoroughly endorse.
Discovered to my surprise in my pursuit of Beachcomber stuff :))

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