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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Age etcetera

Melbourne artist Sandra Minchin-Delohery is apparently contemplating donating her tattoo to the National Gallery of Australia. Before taking this step she should perhaps consider the 1911 case of Henri Deplis. Deplis, as recorded in the pages of Saki, got an impressive full-back tattoo of “the Fall of Icarus” from Andreas Pincini, the most brilliant master of the craft that Italy had ever known. The purchase price unfortunately remaining unpaid after Pincini’s death, the masterpiece was donated by his widow to the state, and in consequence Deplis was, among other problems, forbidden by the police to go sunbathing lest he fade the colours and damage state property. Attemping to flee from this persecution, furthermore, he was prevented from leaving the country by the rigid application of the laws regarding the export of Italian artworks.  After some years of litigation Deplis went insane and at the time of his premature death was of the opinion that he was one of the lost arms of the Venus de Milo. Before any bequests are made, a legal opinion might be in order.

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