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Friday, October 16, 2015

Long story

An Afghan, an Albanian, an American, an Angolan, an Argentinian, an Armenian, an Australian, an Austrian, a Bahraini, a Bangladeshi, a Barbadian, a Belgian, a Bhutanese, a Bolivian, a Bosnian, a Brazilian, a Britisher, a Bulgarian, a Burmese, a Cambodian, a Chilean, a Chinese, a Columbian, a Congolese, a Croatian, a Cuban, a Dominican, an Egyptian, an Eritreian, an Estonian, an Ethiopian, a Fijian, a Finn, a Frenchman, a Georgian, a German, a Ghanaian, a Greek, a Guatemalan, a Hungarian, an Indian, an Iraqi, an Irishman, an Israeli, an Italian, a Jamaican, a Japanese, a Jordanian, a Kenyan, a Korean, a Lao, a Latvian, a Lebanese, a Liberian, a Libyan, a Lithuanian, a Macedonian, a Malaysian, a Maltese, a Mauritanian, a Mexican, a Mongolian, a Moroccan, a Nepalese, a Nicaraguan, a Nigerian, a Norwegian, a Pakistani, a Romanian, a Russian, a Samoan, a Saudi, a Sudanese, a Swede, a Swiss, a Syrian, a Taiwanese, a Tongan, and a Turk walk into a bar.

The bartender says “I’m sorry, I can’t serve you without a Thai.”


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