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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Age bin la la la

What a pity Amanda Vanstone wasn’t around for the battle of Waterloo.  We would have so looked forward to her report.
“Do I think the French army did everything right? No. Certainly not. They needed a better narrative and some simple and stronger messages.”


Vincent said...

I liked your remark so much I thought it would be worth trying to find out who this Amanda Vanstone is, and what she said that inspired your pithy satire. Sadly, I'm none the wiser. You have at least one non-Australian reader, you see; or rather a long-time expatriate who left Oz before Vanstone was even born; but who still thinks he ought to be catered for and kept informed.

Thank you!

Chris Borthwick said...

For those among you with the poor judgement not be Aussies, that post was a comment on this piece:
and in particular on
"I think their pursuit of [Treasurer] Joe Hockey over the state of the budget has been a bit average, to say the least. Do I think Joe or the government have done everything exactly right and are thus above criticism? No. Certainly not. They certainly needed a better narrative and some simple and stronger messages."
The point being that the budget has gone down rather like the Hindenberg crashing into the Titanic, leaving Vanstone (a minister in the last Liberal government, and a consistent apologist for this one) with nothing to do but attack the media.

Vincent said...

If I’d had my way I’d still be living in Perth, but never mind, I’m grateful for your response.

It’s as well that “the media are unelected” as she says, or she wouldn’t have the privilege of a columnist’s pulpit in that paper, I suggest.

She needs a better narrative etc herself. Her line of talk reminds me of Ed Miliband’s henchmen over here looking to save his face, which along with his voice and manner is past saving and unimaginable as a future PM.

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