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Monday, March 19, 2012

It worked so well for the Russians

Rightwing comments on the American soldier massacring Afghans:

    The village/villagers  Bob went after is the birth place of the Taliban.
    Bob's friend lost one or two legs the day before due to an IED that went boom.
    Bob went after one family the Pashtun culture way. In a way they understand.
    Bob sent a message in Afghanistan, he spoke the same cultural language. It is the way we should have been fighting this war from the beginning. But then again it is not a very PC war tactic. 
    I am not agreeing nor am I disagreeing. It is what it is. WAR!
    If you can't speak the same language as your enemy you will never communicate with your enemy. You must speak a common language to win the hearts and mind of your enemy, so you don't come across as an inferior army. Inferior armies will always withdraw sooner or later.
    (Edited by author 14 hours ago)
  • WTD
    The near-total silence from the Afghan side on this -- other than the predictable political posturing by Karzai and his minions -- is very telling.   For all intents and purposes, it appears they received the message loud and clear.  As for this administration, they're still looking for their decoder rings.

It was the right thing to do, they say, and we should do more of it.

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