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Monday, January 02, 2012

For Coffee Lovers

I gave Rose an Aeropress for xmas, and coffee lovers in the family seem satisfied that it makes something comparable to bought espresso.

Got mine at the coffee shop at the Vic market.


John said...

Happy New Year Chris.

Aeropresso is good I think. Portable espresso quite a market - there is one that has fewer parts called MyPressi - if Rose needs something compact to take in to work.

You're right - coffee exotica does seem to a big driver, certainly in Melbourne. Seems to be a new super fancy bar every week.

Chris Borthwick said...

MyPressi has got fewer moving pieces only because it brings in soda water bulbs; and it costs a lot more.

For travelling, I think the answer is cold brew coffee filtered through aeropress.

Chris Borthwick said...

Or caffeinated marzipan balls. Which Rose actually travels with.

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