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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Makes my turducken look sick

From Alexandre Dumas' Dictionary of Cuisine.....

Roast a l'Imperatrice

The Trojan roast pig , stuffed with figpeckers, oysters, and thrushes, and the whole basted with good wine and fine meat broth - which the Roman Senate felt itself obliged to forbid by sumptuary law because of its extravagance - must yield to the luxury of this recipe.
Take the pit out of an olive and replace it by an anchovy. Put the olive into a lark, the lark into a quail, the quail into a partridge, the partridge into a pheasant. The pheasant in its turn disappears inside a turkey, and the turkey is stuffed into a sucking pig. Roasted, this will present the quintessence of the culinary art, the masterpiece of gastronomy. But don't make the mistake of serving it whole, just like that. The gourmand eats only the olive and the anchovy.

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