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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Thanks, Adelaide.

Though - and here we have one of the many glitches of a reader's life (motto: "Many people say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading." Logan Pearsall Smith) - I've only encountered vermilion in text form: I don't actually knows what it looks like. To the Googlemobile, Robin!

Similarly, I have read over and over without question descriptions of the beautiful song of the lark; not living in Europe, I I've never heard it. A few months ago, the issue having somehow come up in conversation, I went to Google and found it here - or, as someone else puts it, rapid buzzes, whistles, and trills, not musical, not melodic, and utterly mystifying as to its chokehold on the romantic poets.
Unless it's just me.

Is Logan Wolverine's first name or his last?


Chris said...

That's a misleading recording of a skylark, usually they're heard singing when flying over moorland so you have to add in the effects of distance, the wind in the grass, the warm sun on your face, etc.. ;-)

I've got to say that from experience they're much more impressive then!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Vermillon has always been in my pencil box, and also it is in make-up and nail polish.

Great writing about the sky-lark experience.

Sally said...

Curiously enough, I also recently looked up the song of the skylark and also, while I was at it, the nightingale (telecommunication between close relatives? The results were also inconclusive and unmemorable. The only one with a distinct song seems to be the blackbird, which sounds quite pretty on our Belgian lawn though I gather they're an invasive species.

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