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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And he's married to Brenda Neal, too; that ought to count for something

I've lived under ten Prime Ministers myself, and I've heard more or less convincing scuttlebutt about at least six, sometimes involving the cabinet table. Even in high Victorian times Gladstone's Foreign Secretary, Granville, spoke of having known nine prime ministers, five of whom had committed adultery (mind you, five wouldn't have lasted Lord Palmerston a week, or the young Bob Hawke, and they both made quite satisfactory leaders). Would we really have demanded the resignation of John Howard if the unsubstantiated rumour being floated at the time - by his press officer, I always thought, trying to show that his boss had a human side - had suddenly got legs? There are a lot of reasons for feeling that John Della Bosca would make a rotten premier, but his love life isn't one of them. If a politician has to betray someone, his wife is much preferable to the voters.

I wonder what bloggers affiliated to the NSW Right (hint hint, Hannoush) think of this.... >p>

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