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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


But so much depends on conventions that we do not share: this, for example,
Afterwards, she said she was absolutely sure Alaska will be better off with Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, her successor. "I'm extremely happy," she told ABC News. "I know that I know that I know that this is the right thing for Alaska."

is apparently quite a common usage among fundamentalists, to the extent that Governor Daniels used the same phrase only a few days ago:
Everybody's got their own value system, but to me, even if it's a place that I could never go, if I wanted to know that I knew that I knew, if that's more important to me than running for president, that's my prerogative as a human being.

There may be a premillenial explanation for all the odd bits. Which I suppose doesn't make them any less odd - more, perhaps - but does fulfil at least some of the functions of an explanation.


John said...

Here's an example of what I meant about the greater fascination Palin holds for the left than for most conservatives.

Chris said...

Can't say I get your point, John. Peggy Noonan (Reagan's speechwriter) writing in the WSJ is an example of the attitude of the left? No, you mean that because Noonan's dissing her that is a sign of non-fascination? But the hypothetically fascinated leftists are all dissing her.

Left attacks Palin, evidence that left is fascinated by Palin.
Right attacks Palin, evidence that left is fascinated by Palin.
What article by whom saying what would would be a data point against your hypothesis that Palin holds greater fascination for the left than for most conservatives?
Left praises Palin? Surely not.
Right praises Palin? Surely, again, not.
And someone else reminds us that we've only known the woman ten months, not even a full round of the seasons. What I mean by her being a strong character, in the somewhat perjorative Dickensian sense, is that we feel we've always known her.

Chris said...

And I'll see your WSJ and raise you

John said...

Fair points - I read Noonan as saying "let's just leave her alone, forget about her and move on". The criticisms were by way of a summary of what happened. I agree that there are Republicans who like her but I still think the attacks by liberals are disproportionate to her importance and significance.
Anyway once you stop writing about her, I will definitely concede.
Rich is interesting: 71 per cent of Republicans would vote for Palin. We'll see. Wouldn't have though Rove was a Palinist.
Good points but I don't think she has a future (which isn't my original hypothesis I know but waht are you if you are not flexible?)

John said...

PS Going to get a Twitter account? Facebook is so Borat.

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