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Thursday, July 09, 2009


A 1948 cartoon on the American Way, written to the requirements of the Institute of Public Affairs or Hannoush and remarkably well animated - note the sexy broads. Interesting, too, in that it's ostensibly against Isms - the word 'communism' isn't actually mentioned at any point, and the word 'capitalism' has to be rephrased as 'the capitalistic system' - and it's thus pictured as being initially attractive to tycoons and labour both.

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John said...

Nice cartoon. Use of 'capitalism' is always a bit tricky since it uses the name of a factor of production to suggest an ideology, like calling communism labourism. As far as I can tell, what it really means is private ownership of captial, so 'Free market' is better and is probably what the cartoon was getting at
Keep a look out for animations of "Wealth of Nations", would you?
By the way, did you ever watch the short film in
It's a beaut.

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