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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pi day

Pi day, while amusing, is also an instance of North American triumphalism. Everywhere else in the world we use the much more sensible day/month/year system, meaning that Pi day would fall on the 31st of April (which admittedly isn't, but that's not the point). Like 11/9.

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JH said...

It is cute but it's a bit like musicians' jokes - you have to be in the club already to appreciate them.
Carping note: since PI is irrational, using an intrinsically rational thing like a date is odd: you might as well call it "three and seven fiftieths day".
Point of usage: if we non-US people refer to a day/date, aren't we just as likely to say, for example, March 16, as we are to say 16th March?

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